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"If someone should spend just one day in Sicily and ask: What should I visit? I would answer without hesitating... Taormina... This small village is only a landscape, yet a landscape where you can find everything to seduce your eyes, your spirit, your imagination." Guy de Maupassant
Etna volcano guided and self guided walking excursions

Silvestri Mountains

Silvestri Mountains formed after the eruption of 1982 along a radial fracture (called "bottoniera") from which 5 eruptive cones emerged. Between Mt. Silvestri Superiore and the one immediately below, called Mt. Silvestri Inferiore, there is the road leading from Zafferana and Nicolosi to Sapienza Mountain Hut, an obliged destination for the visitors of the southern slope of Etna.
Etna volcano highest crater guided trekking excursions

Etna highest craters

The summit of the volcano is currently made of the Central Crater (Voragine and Bocca Nuova), the northern-eastern Crater (1911), and the southern-eastern Crater (1971). The height of the volcano is of about 3,340 meters above sea-level, but this varies because of the accumulation of the material deriving from the explosions on the one side, and on the other because of the frequent collapse of the walls.
Etna Sartorios mountains guided walking excursions

The Sartorius Mountains

Etna Sartorios mountains guided walking excursions

The Sartorius Mountains

Mathia Fenician island guided walking tour

The Mothia Poet

Sicilian puppets theater and tradition

The Sicilian puppets (pupi)...

The traditional form of epic popular theater that developed in Sicily in the early 1800's, performed with the famous sicilian puppets, a unique kind of marionettes ...
Marzamemi fishing village and Tonnara gourmet tour

Tonnara di Marzamemi...

The charming fishing village of Marzamemi with its ancient tonnara, on the coast of eastern Sicily's region is one of the island's best-kept secrets. A miniscule population of fisherman, a fascinating sunset and harbor make its Piazza Regina Margherita and San Francesco di Paola church one of the best place to relax and sip a god glass of marsala wine.
Siracusa Ortigia Duomo square cultural private tour

Siracusa's Duomo square...

site of the greatest archaic Ionian temple known to Western Grecian Empire and one of Sicily's prettiest town square, where ten of the original 36 columns from the Doric temple erected by the Greek settlers in 480BC, to thank the goddess Athena for helping them defeat the Carthaginians are clearly visible along the wall of the left nave, and a monolithic block from the temple entablature is part of the altar in the presbytery.
Ortigia old town barerb shop

Ortigia's old barber shop

La pescheria mercato di Sant'Agata Catania

Catania's Sant' Agata Pescheria fish market

Mercato del pesce di Catania

Catania's Sant' Agata Pescheria fish market

Catania mercato la pescheria

W Sant' Agata Pescheria fish market

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