PATH Fam & press tours in Puglia: educational trips of Puglia, Sicily, Basilicata

       Fam & press tours                                               in unspoiled Puglia

Puglia fam tris and educational tours

Our Fam & press trips in Puglia are a unique opportunity to familiarise with the food, wine, art and culture of Puglia with a local and expert operator. Educational and Media tours of Puglia are available to all Bloggers with active blog or/& writers specialized in food & wine and/or active travel. Food & wine journalist, travel bloggers and Media desirous to write about and get to know more about a new destination and exciting ways to travel Puglia will discover the best of unspoiled Puglia tasting the philosophy beyond our tours and trips.

Our Education tours in Puglia are available year round, please fill our FAM TRIP FORM to apply for the next Puglia press tour.

Media kit

All those desirous to write about PATH can require our press kit including complete media information for journalists and bloggers. Please complete our FORM to receive the PATH Media Kit.

Wine and food fam & press tours in Italy

As food and wine specialist we constantly organize special Fam and educational tours and trip in Puglia, visiting selected small local producers, boutique wineries, pasta makers and olive oil producers. We love products with a soul and only deals with very small farmers and producers that offer niches and quality production. All tour's cost are covered by PATH, we do all the behind the scene work, while the buyers concentrate on the products and tasting. To apply and to know more details about our next buyer's tour please do not hesitate to contact us.

Familiarisation trips for food lovers and bloggers in Lecce (Apulia)

A sample our cooking holiday in Lecce (Puglia) is the perfect way to learn more about Apulian culinary heritage. Cooking classes are hands on and taught in english, can be themed to suit your requirements and needs. Our classes focus on homemade pasta and traditional dishes from Puglian culinary tradition.

Want to blog of gastronomic adventures in Puglia (Apulia)

Apulian culnary heritage offers endless possibility of gastronomical holidays to enjoy and get to know the local culture and tradition in a new, unique and epicurean way. Our tailor made gourmet tours in Puglia are a marvellous combination of field trips & gastronomic excursions, gourmet meals, hands on cookery lessons taught in english & practical demonstrations of how the local recipes are crafted, enriched by guided tasting sessions of selected local product with our expert somellier, chefs and confectioners. All our tours are private, available for small groups and individual travelers and can be themed and tailor made to satisfay all needs and desires.
All Gourmet trips and Vacations are also available for avid cyclist seeking a gastronomic bike trip in Puglia and for those preferring an epicurean walking holiday.

Wines of Puglia (Apulia) educational tours

this trip is available to all wine journalist, wine bloggers and Media desirous to discover more about our trips and the wines of Puglia. On this trip we will visit small wineries and taste the best and finest apulian wine with the people that craft it, sipping negroamaro and primitivo, malvasia nera di Lecce, susumaniello and aglianico in the shade of the Baroque and old Masserie and alberello vineyards.

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