PATH walks, talks & beyond Creative trip planners and trusted travel advisors, specialized in southern Italy luxury & bespoke itineraries | escorted culinary tours | bike tours & walking holidays.

about Path                  walks, talks & beyond

Private holidays operated directly by the people that have conceived, designed, developed and tested your vacation in Italy, cycling and walking every single inch.
If you are looking for creative trip planners and trusted travel advisors , born and bred between Sicily, Napoli and remote villages of Puglia, obsessed with authentic food, with a weakness for expensive Italian road bikes, that when are not cycling, cooking, or planning the next experience, are producing their own extra virgin olive oil in deep southern Puglia, listening to souljazzfunk, you are in the right place.
If you are looking for a deal no! we sell expertise and unparalleled travel experiences.

    What can you expect from us ?
  • MADEinITALY exclusive trips handcrafted with love in southern Italy, and a support that saves you a whole slew of headaches, satisfying your needs and improving the overall quality of your vacation while experiencing authentic Italy and the local life;
  • a real insight view and unique opportunities, to get under the sking of the country, experiences not available to the large groups and to the big companies;
  • tours designed to suite, and developed for individual minded travellers and very small private groups;
How do we do that ?
  • by offering more quality, flexibility, creativity and sophisticated holidays;
  • we do not outsource the running of your trip and we don't pay others to do the job;
  • What do we look like ?
  • like home made pasta, compared to processed food;
  • Who travels with us?
  • individual minded travelers;
  • families seeking personalized service;
  • groups of friends desirous of more authentic experiences;
  • and all those that need to enhance their trip;
Through the years have been proudly enhancing the trips of the following companies.
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We are specialized in Southern Italy Private, luxury bespoke itineraries offering unique opportunities to experience wine lover tours in Apulia, Basilicata and Campania, & Sicily, introductory wine courses in Lecce as well as cookery holidays or daily cookery classes in Lecce, activity & cultural vacation, including extra virgin olive oil making, bike tours of Puglia (Apulia), Basilicata and Campania, hiking holidays in Puglia. Special offers are also available for families wanted to enjoy the dolce vita with their kids, experiencing the flexibility and freedom of our specially designed sojourns in Apulia.

"If you prefer freshly made pasta to processed food, you can choose us..."

Path is our way of enjoying a culture and sharing our love for Puglia and southern Italy with others offering a truly unique way of experiencing and discovering Italian food and wine, spanning from bike tour for wine lovers in Puglia, to escorted walking and cooking holidays in Puglia and Basilicata, to wine holidays and courses in Lecce, including distincive luxury self drive classic car tours, to cruise Italy by a vintage italian convertible car. We design unique travel itineraries combined with activities and personalized, professional services to satisfy the personal interests and desires of the traveler.

Path is a project, spontaneously born from the passion and the attachment of its creators to Southern Italy, featuring the deepest knowledge of local culture and traditions. This is why our activity holidays in Puglia and Basilicata are informative, meticulously organized and what more important, unique. Getting to know the local artists while sipping some home made wine, enjoying a walk along an old roman road or going to a local fair for some special food shopping is normally part of a Path's experience.

Wine tours in Puglia.

Our wine tours in Puglia, Basilicata and Campania are focussed on small vineries and niche local producers aiming to offer to travelers in southern Italy a real insight view on local wine production, culture and traditions. If happiness is when you share it, we would like to share our love for southern italy with you. All our "Wine Lovers Tours in Puglia" are available in two versions, for the cyclist and for those preferring to hike the vineyards, enjoying daily walking excursions and visit to local wineries. All itineraries are off the beaten track and feature beautiful rural landscapes.

Our wine connections to small wine estates, will ensure special attentions and warm welcomes transforming the all experience in something more than a wine tour of the estate, often the wine makers or the owners, will lead us in a tasting of their finest wines, telling us more about the stories beyond the wine and its production. During our biking and wine trips in Puglia you will be able to just sit back and enjoy the tours, learning more about wine while cycling or walking the countryside, discovering a new way of experiencing a "Wine and Food Vacation" in Puglia. All our wine holidays in Puglia and Basilicata and Campania are designed for wine lovers not interested in famous wine labels and preferring to focus on wine quality, small niche vineries and unique wine and food experience.