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Travel Sardinia with a unique walking and culinary adventure holiday, crushing the fragrant Mediterranean macchia under your foot; a food lovers tour and active vacation to unveil the culinary recipes inherited from agro-pastoral customs and traditions, that help people of Sardegna to live a long and healthy life: using fresh milk, pure groundwater, meat (beef, pork, lamb locally grown), pecorino cheese, tasty bread, green vegetables characterizing the Sardinian cooking and recipes.
Enjoy a scenic diversity that ranges from rough and primeval landscapes to gentle golden sand dunes, and delve into Sardinia culinary world with the annual ritual grape harvest of Vermentino, Moscato, Cannonau, Nasco, Carignano, Malvasia and Vernaccia island's flagship wines. Explore Sardinia remote country walks from the coast to the mountain villages, discover Sardinia memories and Mediterranean culture combining ancient regional recipes with coastal walks, between winemakers in Arzachena, thousands of years old Nuraghi, churches of sturdy forms in San Giovanni Sinis and great cathedrals of Oristano.

Delight your sense with rock lobsters, culurgionis, ambulau, squid, anchovies, pane carasau also known as carta di musica (music paper), buttarga, clams, Malloreddus al pecorino, Suckling pig, crabs, and sardines, tasteful mullet eggs ar harvested and dried into solid blocks, referred to as bottarga, delicately flavoured sheep's cheese Pecorino or with spicy and sharp aged Fiore Sardo. An scorted culinary and walking tour to trave Sardinia from Olbia to Oristano including Cagliari, visiting small villages and remote hamlet tasying delicious wild Boar, goats Cheese based desserts, Cheesy delights, Torrone Almond based traditional cakes, Sas caschettas, Pistoccu "Su pistoccu” typical Sardinian breads mainly produced in Ogliastra, Pane curasau mostly found in the central areas of the island and in particularly in Oliena, Dorgali, Gavoi and Desulo, illages where numerous women still produce this bread by hand. Tipical sweets of Belvì, Honey specialities, Pani 'e saba, Culurgionis de mendula” and Carnival cakes, Aranzada, dolci sardi con bianchittos, Fonni Biscuits, Menjar Blanc.
Sardinia escorted walking holidays

Sardinia culinary tour

Escorted and guided culinary tour of remote Sardinia island between pecorino and goats cheese, pane curasau, , bianchittos, rock lobsters, culurgionis, ambulau, buttarga and gnocchetti sardi

Trip details

Highlights:Explore the coast and hidden treasures of Sardegna, enjoy luxury hotels and delightful food from the heart of Mediterraneum.
Dates: from April to Oct
Duration:7 Days | 6 nights
Starting:Olbia | Olbia Enquire for more information

Sardinia escorted culnary holidays

Sardinia private guided walking holiday

A luxury walking culinary holiday to tour remote undiscovered Sardina island

Trip details

Highlights:Exclusive luxury hotels, gourmet dinner & fine local wine, cultural walks.
Dates: April to Oct
Duration:7 to 12 days

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