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PUGLIA culinary tour, 7 days of food and wine tasting holidays across unexplored Salento

Culinary trips of Apulia... more than a cooking holidays not a simple gastronomic vacation of Salento, but an extraordinary food and wine discovery of authentic Puglia through your sense.

Take the best "cooking holiday" in PUGLIA and a unique sightseeing tours of Salento; add a portion of food and wine tasting experiences to discover Apulia culinary culture,

a pinch of field trips to local FOOD MARKETS in Lecce, "boutique WINERIES" in GALATINA and farmhouses producing tasty ricotta and caciotta Leccese cheese, combine it with hands on pasta making workshops, add Unesco world heritage sights, flavor with GOURMET dinners in Otranto and sailing excursions along the "Adriatic coast" mix everything with our local knowledge and pampering care, bake it for 6 days with local friends, serve with fine "PRIMITIVO" wine and extra virgin olive oil of SALENTO, for the perfect "CULINARY food and wine adventure holiday in Puglia", to savour Apulia through its culinary heritage and culture. Take a leisure digestive walk along the Adriatic coast.

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May-June-Sept-Oct 2019


PRIVATE from € on request per person based on two sharing


• 6 nights accommodation and breakfast at luxury hotels and traditional restored farm houses
• all transport from arrival to drop off with luxury Class V Mercedes
• service of 1 guides food & wine expert and certified AIS ONAV sommelier
• most meals
• Michelin starred meals
• 1 private wine tasting tour at boutique local winery in Galatina
• 1 hands on cooking class at private house in Gallipoli
• 1 visit of local tradition museum
• a private olive oil tasting tour at local producer
• a mozzarella demo and making at local cheese producer in Corato
• food market visit in Lecce
• fish market visit and tour in Gallipoli
• food & wine tasting stroll of Lecce
• a guided tour of Alberobello & Matera unesco site
• hands on olive picking workshop (only in season)


This trip start from LECCE and finishes in SAVELLETRI.
We recommend you:
Fly IN to Brindisi (BDS) airport

Fly OUT from BARI (BRI) airport


•Visit Unesco sites of Alberobello
• discover the wines of Puglia at local wineries in Galatina
• explore fish market of Gallipoli
• Taste the fines extra virgin olive oil at local olive mill in Ostuni
• test your skill in making mozzarella and burrata at local cheese maker
• delight your sense with the tastiest artisanal gelato in the earth of Lecce baroque jewel...
• experience a meal at a private house and family while learning how to cook the traditional recipes and make the famous "orecchiette" and "maccheroni" with hands on cooking class at private house

Sample Hotels on this trip


Manta te lu re Lecce, Puglia
Day 4 & 5 MONOPOLI > Don Ferrante

Don Ferante Puglia

Masseria Montenapoleone, Puglia

PATH Culinary adventures in southern Puglia from PATH walks, talks & beyond on Vimeo.

This CULINARY and sightseeing trip across the Salentine peninsula offer the best trip and way to discover Puglia with a unique food adventure vacation in southern Italy, that puts together sightseeing and field trips, with hands on experiences of the Pugliese tradition, dinners under the stars with guided food markets and shopping, authentic flavors of Puglia and "homely cooking" of local recipes and traditional dishes from the "Salentine peninsula", introduction to the wines and produce of Puglia with coastal walks to keep fit, everything meticulously crafted to guarantee the best value and let you get the most out of your time.

Puglia Gourmet                                        day by day program

Gastronomic detailed itinerary

DAY 1 | Arrival in Lecce | introductory food & wine walking tour of Lecce old town

Check in at your hotel in the heart of the historic town and start to discover Lecce throught a guided food and wine walking tour of the old town. A friendly yet informative walk to discover Lecce's history, products and culinary traditions, a leisure stroll and wine tasting between local delights and baroque extravaganzawith your local friends.
day 2 | Hads on cooking class and farm to table experience
Learn more about indigenous dishes and the story behind them has the local cook share the tradition. Harvest from our organic vegetable garden and shop from the local market and oven before putting your sleeve up for a complece preparationn of a traditional meal, including the preparationn of "orecchiette" the earshaped pasta and maccheroni. In the afternoon further explre Lecce old town independently enjoy the local life and culture.
puglia food & wine tours and culinary holidays

Day 3 | A coast to coast exploration from Gallipoli to Otranto

your culinary tour of Puglia continues withy a day trip to the fishing town of Gallipoli for a visit of its amazing fish market and old town. Gallipoli is located by the Ionian Sea, on the west coast of the Salentina Peninsula. The town is divided into two parts, the modern and the old city located on a limestone island, linked to the mainland by a bridge built in the 16th century. Of great interest in Gallipoli are the Cattedrale di Sant' Agata along via Antonietta de Pace, together with the Church of Santa Maria della Purita' (1661). The richly decorated interior houses, at the marble high altar, a canvas by Luca Giordano. Not to be missed also the imposing Angevine-Aragonese Castle, built in the 13th century by the Byzantines, largely remade under the Angevines and the Aragonese, who added a polygonal wall fortified with round towers.
According to a legend, the city was founded in ancient times by Idomeneus of Crete, while Pliny the Elder attributes the foundation to the Senones Gauls, but more likely, it was a Messapic settlement. Lunch is booked at local farm a formet ROMAN post office were horse-drawn mail carts were ensuring a "letter perfect" service in the second century Roman Empire. En route to Otranto stop at local pasta factory to learnn more about the local traditon of making pasta using only "grani antichi" old varieties of local wheat . Strolll Otranto old town and admire its cathedral and floor mosaic and die at local suggested restaurant overlooking the azurre sea.
puglia food & wine tours and culinary holidays
puglia food & wine tours and culinary holidays day 4 | Ostuni, the Itria Valley and the local olive oil producers Contiue exploring as we travel from the Salento to the Itria Valley to visit a local farm specialized in the production of the finest extravirgine olive oil. Visit uncient underground olive mill and walk olive groves with trees more than 2000 years old for a complete introduction to the olive oil production from the romans to the modern days. Enjoy lunch in Ostuni and get lost in the inccredible maze of alleys of the "White town" before movig to your next hotel a beaufil farm house, your home for the ext 2 days.
day 5 | Alberobello & the Mozzarella making class Travel the Itria Valley dotted with vineyards and almond orchards continue with a stop to the Unesco site of ALBEROBELLO for a guided tour of the trulli monumental area. The Rione Monti and Aiai Piccola host over 1000 traditional trulli houses, making of Alberobello the most unique and fascinating town of the Itria Valley. Lunch will be at local cheese maker were you can test your skill in making Mozzarella while enjoying a pic nic lunch based on the freshest ricotta cheese and "Burrata cheese" you have ever tasted. At the end of this olive oil tour Leccina, Nocellara, Bella di Cerignola, Nirdo', Ugghialura, will be familiar names and olive varieties, that will help you to understand more about the quality of extra virgin olive oil and the production process. We will enjoy a tutored tasting of many different olive oil varieties, and sharpen our knowledge about the property and importance role of Polyphenols from olive oil in the "Mediterranean diet". In the evening delight your sense where tradition meet modernity at our favorite Michelin starred restaurant .
puglia food & wine tours and culinary holidays
day 6 | MATERA the town of stone, the sassi quarter and the local wineries ....
Continue with more local ecounters as we meet the real people behind the finest Primitivo annd negroamaro wine. Learn more about the local grape varietiesn andwine production through an exclusive tour of local boutique winnery before movig to the neighbour Basilicata region annd the Matera the town of Stones.
day 7 | Departure or stay for more...


puglia food & wine tours and culinary holidays

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